Sunday 8 May 2011

My Whole Film Package

'CONTAGION'- Teaser Trailer

'EMPIRE' - Magazine Front Cover

'CONTAGION' - Film Poster

Tuesday 3 May 2011

Evaluation Question Four - How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

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Evaluation Question Three - What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Evaluation Question Two - How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

In order to entice and inform the target market and reach out to various audiences who may actually be interested in my film, even though they are not usually fans of horror films, I need to stretch out to the largest audience possible, therefore all demographics and their advised methods of promotion should be considered. This means any chance possible to produce forms of promotional packages should be taken in to consideration. This results in the larger audiences reached and engaged in the production, the more increasing chances of a larger sum in revenue.

The two ancillary tasks I have chosen to produce are:

A promotional film magazine 
A promotional film poster

To ensure that these products are as authentic and professional as possible, I researched a variety of real media texts to look at conventions they follow. For example, placing the masthead at the top of the page, and having the main image filling the majority of the page. I then decided to use ‘Empire’ magazine to base my ideas on as I believe the layout and the audience targeted are suitable for my film production. I tried to make my poster and magazine look similar so that they would be recognizable to the audience and would therefore be encouraged to see the film. Another option for and ancillary task was to produce a webpage. Now after having completed this project, I think a webpage is also a great idea from a promotional aspect, as millions of people globally access the internet nowadays, so would therefore be more easily consumed by a much broader audience. However, I am happy with my film poster as they would be seen outside cinemas so passing trade or people who go to the cinema often would be interested and also placed in bus stations and London underground for example would be viewed by millions of people. I am also happy to have my film published in ‘Empire’ magazine as this is a very respected and popular magazine, and by having ‘ATTENTION’ on the my front cover immediately grabs audiences eyes to read the magazine.

Magazine front cover

For the graphics on my magazine front cover I used the three young ghost girls as I thought these would be most recognizable for my audience. I did this because I found that Empire often have their main star personas in costume relating to their character. Some examples are shown below featuring Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, Heath Ledger as the joker in ‘The Dark Knight’ and finally Johnny Depp in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’

Just like the above ‘EMPIRE’ magazine front covers I have included conventional elements in my own production. For example, I have included the bold, recognisable, red masthead. Sell lines such as ‘Free twilight posters inside,’ ‘PLUS Win tickets to Black Swan premier’ and ‘The world’s best movie magazine to encourage my audience to purchase my magazine. Even though my main graphic has a direct mode of address, I have slightly gone against the convention of the low angle shot. We usually see the star personas straight on. However, I believe this image makes the girls look superior to us and makes us feel slightly intimidated which is very effective.

I chose Empire as I think it is an acknowledged and well acclaimed magazine company, who reaches out to a niche ‘film-fanatic’ audience. I also believe that Empire is one of the most recognisable film magazines which stands out from its familiar bold, red masthead. So even for the people who do not read these magazines are fully aware that it is Empire, even the people who see it on the shelves are attracted by the front cover. This increases audience’s existence of the film. I also found from my market research that 'Empire' was the most well known film magazine for my target market which also helped me decide to publish in Empire magazine.


For my film poster I decided not to have any of the characters included as I thought it would interest the audience but keep them asking questions. I kept my audience intrigued by a burning a tissue. I chose this as it relates to the ‘Ring O Ring of Roses’ nursery rhyme I have in my teaser trailer. I  have a tissue on fire to reference to the meaning behind the rhyme. The nursery rhyme is about the plague and that people died from the spreading of a contagious infection. Hence the reason to why I named my film ‘Contagion.’

I have also included ‘COMING SOON’ on my poster as it is a teaser poster and just projects the films existence. In this poster I have also included a website address for where the audience can gather more information. A webpage is a very good promotional package as Empire magazine is only available throughout Britain, Australia, Turkey and Russia, so having a web page would really take full advantage of the ‘global village’, a term used by Marshall Luhan (a Canadian educator who focused on media theory.) Although, to reach the broadest audience possible, I think the best way to promote is to use all of these promotional packages to make audiences aware of the productions existence to eventually make a revenue.

Overall, I believe the combination of my main products are very effective as you can easily identify that they are all promoting the same film as I have used similar backgrounds, such as the forest location in my trailer as featured in my film poster and magazine front cover. The audience can also easily recognise the female actresses used both in my trailer and on my front cover. I have also focused on using conventions in my own work form real media texts to engage my target market to purchase my products. A final selling point for my magazine is that my star personas are in costume so they get a taster of an element of the film and that I have included conventional sell lines such as 'Free Twilight Posters Inside' and 'Win tickets to Black Swan premier' which makes the audience think they are getting things for free.